Wednesday, October 06, 2021

Busy Wednesday

 0730 at the Honda dealer for warranty work.  About halfway home, Belle texts me that she left her purse in my van.  The fellow giving me a ride would be late for work if we back-tracked, so I had him drop me at hone, then took the truck a half-hour to the dealership to retrieve Belles purse, which I dropped off at her office.

Then she asked me to pick up a few things at the Dollar Store and take them to a disabled friend. All on the way hone, not two parking lots out of my way..  I got that done, then came home, folded laundry from the trip last week.  Now, I'm out in the shop trying to make sense of the stuff we took to Nevada.

The guns need a thorough cleaning, a basic clean, inspect, check screws.  I still have lunch to cook, and I have a friend coming over at 1300 who needs help with a gun.  She is a fellow gun enthusiast, who texted me yesterday saying that she has a .44 revolver that is loaded and needs to be unloaded.

This lady is a CFDA shooter, and is thoroughly familiar with single action revolvers, completely capable of loading and unloading those.  So, I admit that I am a bit intrigued at her request.  It may be anything.  But, we'll unload it, inspect it, and probably clean it for her.  I'll try to teach her how to safely load and unload.  I admit I am intrigued, it may be something special, it may be something a common as a Redhawk.  We'll see.

**UPDATE**.  It was a Smith 29 with the 8" barrel.  The classic "Dirty Harry" gun.  It has lived in her lingerie drawer for the past 10 years and she needed it to whack an intrusive armadillo. The revolver had stiffened up from lack of use and dried oil.   When I first picked it up, it was locked up tighter than a bank vault.  Just a little gentle manipulation, and we got the cylinder open, unloaded her spent cart cartridges and gave it a good cleaning and some oil.  We gently cycled everything, and now it runs like a sewing machine. I let her manipulate it until I was convinced she could operate it safely.  The gun is fine, safe, and fully operational.  She is on her way.

Before she left, we did discuss the appropriate calibers for armadillo.  It is my considered opinion that while effective, the .44 magnum may be a bit much for armadillo.  She also owns a .38 and a .22.


Unknown said...

44 for armadillos, thats like getting a sip of water from a firehose!

Old NFO said...

Yep, just a 'tad' much...

Judy said...

A .44 would be real close to vaporizing the armadillo, one would think.

Old 1811 said...

When I lived in armadillo country I left them alone, but I did read a news story (don't ask me where) about a guy who shot an armadillo with a 9mm and was injured (or killed, I don't remember) by the ricochet, while the armadillo lumbered off and did whatever armadillos do. So my recommendation for "what caliber for armadillo" would be "flame thrower." Or "leave it alone if it's not attacking you."