Monday, October 11, 2021

Asked and Answered

 Juval, in comments, asked a few questions about my jambalaya recipe

How many does that recipe feed?

Four to six, depending on appetite, or if you serve it with sides. That is a hard question to answer.  We usually serve it as a one-pot meal without sides, but some folks like a salad with it.  There are no rules in Cajun cooking.  Yesterday's recipe was 1.5 chickens, three pounds of sausage, and six cups of uncooked rice.  I fed  ten people, and we had a bit left over.

If I were cooking a small batch, I'd use two boneless chicken thighs, a half pound of sausage, and two cups of rice, a bell pepper, and maybe a half-stalk of celery.

How well do leftovers do for follow up meals?

It does pretty well.  It will stay in the fridge three or four days.  Just take a serving out and put it in the microwave to heat it.  I've never tried to freeze it.   It generally doesn't last that long.

It's just me and the missus and I don't want to waste food.

I hear you, brother.  I don't like to waste food, either.  But with a teenage grandson in the house, that's never a problem. 


juvat said...

Thanks for the update. I'm going to try it sometime soon. Although I'll won't use the 10 folks amounts. ;-)

Judy said...

It does freeze well. I always make too much, so my freezer has serving size containers of soup/stew for those days when cooking is not what I want to do.

Drew458 said...

IF you have enough leftover jambalaya to last 3 or 4 days, your recipe needs some work.