Wednesday, October 13, 2021

The Biden Scorecard

 Pore ol' Joe.  Everything he touches turns to shit.  Let's take a look, shall we?

Military - The US Military just suffered a humiliating defeat in Afghanistan.  Worse than Saigon, where at least we kept shooting the enemy as we left.  Let me be clear:  I have great faith in the fidelity, honor, and bravery of our troops, it is the flag officers that I question.  No one has been relieved over this debacle, which leads me to believe that they were "just following orders", (a defense that died at Nuremberg).  If so, it's Joe's fault.  All his fault.

Public Health - Laughable at best, yet tragic nonetheless.  The states that ignore Joe are doing better than the states that comply with idiotic rules.  His chief covid guru is regarded as unreliable by over half the US population.

Economy - The economy continues to stutter, plagued by high unemployment and low jobs numbers.  We can't decide if we are in inflation or stagflation, but neither is good.  Fuel prices are up, even though we were a net exporter of energy 18 months ago.  Joe continues to cripple drilling and exploration.

Transportation - The transportation sector is a shambles, from airline travel to container ships.  Mainly based on Joe's vax mandate.  This is causing a ripple effect through the economy.  I could not buy milk at a DOllar Store yesterday.  The shelf was simply bare.

Justice - Our Justice Department has decided to target parents who raise hell at local School Board meetings, declaring them domestic terrorists.  The catch-and-release policies of the left are casing a massive crime spike in many cities, and Hillary still walks free.  The FBI is a laughing-stock.

Foreign Policy - China has more problems than a pregnant prostitute, and is looking at Taiwan.  No one believes that Joe is willing, able, or interested in stopping them.  His Se State, Blinken, is so clueless that he believed anything the Taliban told him.

Immigration - Teh border is an unmitigated disaster, by design.  His border czar, the bitch Harris, wants nothing to do with it.

Yet, Joe is completely secure in his presidency.  The folks who could remove him are in his cabinet, and they are aware that a Harris presidency would be even worse.

That is the state of the nation as I see it.  We have a year until the next congressional elections, and we should not get cocky.  We need to elect strong conservative leaders (not RINOs) into the next Congress.


Don McCollor said...

(Don McCollor)...Indeed Biden has sort of a Midas touch...Everything he touches turns to shit...

Old NFO said...

Sadly, he's not done yet...

Drew458 said...

And I swear a citizen's militia should oversee every polling place and every vote counting center, and twist the arms of the county clerks to prove the rolls are accurate and up to date. And to prove that every single absentee or mail-in vote is legitimate. And woe be unto cheaters and the incompetent.

Like parents at the school board meetings, the revolution starts at the small end.

Anonymous said...

How funny.

You think elections will mean something in the future.

Until Dominion corporate leaders and election official are prosecuted, elections mean comm8es gain ground.

I see a bleak bloody future for our Republic.