Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Plane Crash Near Houston

 It seems that an aircraft was on the takeoff roll and something went terribly wrong.

No one was seriously hurt when an airplane bound for Boston ran off a runway and burned Tuesday morning near Houston, authorities said. The McDonnell Douglas MD-87 was carrying 21 people when it rolled through a fence and caught fire while trying to take off from the Houston Executive Airport in Brookshire.

I'm glad no one was seriously hurt,  I doubt that when the pilot left the runway, the idea of taking off had long ago left the agenda.

I bet that the last 100 yards was truly exciting.


Old NFO said...

Never got to rotation speed, couldn't stop... Major failure on the part of the pilots!

Anonymous said...

Keep your eyes on this sort of thing. The more mandates, the more likely an adverse vax reaction is going to show up in inconvenient places.

Termite said...

Juan Browne has a video about it up on his Youtube channel.

He points out that if this was a rejected T/O, why aren't the thrust reverser buckets deployed on the wrecked airplane.

Anonymous said...

I imagine the stack to deplane went pretty quickly through the door.

Judging from the video I've seen, a miracle no one was killed, let alone seriously injured. Those people owe their guardian angels some high praise.

Sad note - I had no idea that Charlie Ritchie Sr. (The Backwoodsman Magazine editor) had passed away recently. He was a good guy, always kind to answer his readers and writers. He will be missed.