Tuesday, October 05, 2021


 Early reports are that US General Chris Donahue, the Commander of the 82nd Airborne, kicked our allies off a transport plane sho that he could brig hoe war trophies.

Donahue allegedly booted 50–100 American allies off the cargo plane so he could load a Taliban souvenir — an “inoperable Taliban-owned Toyota Hilux with a fully operational Russian ZU-23 anti-aircraft auto cannon mounted in the bed” — to bring home.

 Not only did this violate standing orders against taking so-called war trophies, but those left behind have been or likely will be killed by the Taliban due to Donahue’s actions.

If true, Donahue violated standing orders and put allies lives at risk.  If true, he should be court-martialed, stripped of rank and pension, ans serve some time peeling potatoes at Leavenworth.  Of course, he is a Trade School officer and  will not be held to account.


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