Monday, April 06, 2020

Customer Service

There's this tiny little spring in some Colt-clones, it is a tiny coil, and it puts pressure o the hand of SAA revolve.  Because they are so tiny, they are easily lost, and after you take one or two o those revolvers apart, you learn to keep track of that tiny spring.

 buddy of mine lost one and called to ask if I hand a spare.  No I didn't but I was planning to call Cimarron anyway.

Cimarron Firearms imports cowboy style firearms.  I own several of their 1873 SAA reproductions, both from Uberti and Pietta.  The parts generally interchange, because they are Colt reproductions.

On Thursday I called Cimarron, fully expecting to get a machine, but I was pleasantly surprised when a person answered.  A fellow named Greg.  I told Greg that I wanted a couple of hand springs, the coil spring, and if he had them a couple of base pins for the Uberti Model P.

Greg said he saw the coil springs in the computer, but couldn't find the base pins; he wasn't sure if they were in stock.  He told me he's run down to the parts room, et them in hand, and call me back.  Sure enough, in about ten minutes, he called.  He had them in his hand, and was putting them in the mail.  I gave him my address and credit card info.  Easy-peasy.

When I went out to check the mail today, the order was in the mail bo.

That's great customer service.  Every company should emulate the way that Cimarron takes care of their customers.  They have the PawPaw seal of approval.

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Old Grafton said...

"There are little springs in many things, they might just work, you know; little springs in unknown places you just have to go..."