Tuesday, May 28, 2019


I live, like many of you, in a climate-controlled house.  Air conditioning is not a luxury anymore.  It's absolutely critical to the way we live.  And, we could go back to living without it, but we'd be cranky and miserable for a while, and we'd have to totally re-design the way we build houses.  There are no cross-drafts, no way to move air through the house unless we force it.  And that's okay, it's a comfortable home, ad what we wanted when we bought it. 

When I was a kid, I had a pretty good idea of the weather outside before I even got out of bed.  Nowadays I don't have a clue.  Belle sets the thermostat on 72F and it stays there year round.  I'm not complaining, you understand.  I grew up in a house with no air conditioning.  We had an attic fan.  My kids, for the most part, were reared in a house with no air conditioning. 

Nowadays I don't know that the weather is until I step outside with my morning coffee.This morning I stepped out, hot, humid, muggy with drizzling rain. The very air was like walking into a wet blanket.  It shouldn't have been a shock.  I've called Louisiana home for most of my life.  Yet, I taken aback.  Oh, hell, it's summer time.  Memorial Day is past, and we'll have hot, humid weather util sometime after Labor Day.

It's summertime in Louisiana.


Anonymous said...

Same type of climate here, south Texas just north of the Rio Grande River. Eight months of year, its perspiration incontinence, lol. Three steps outside and you get a bead of sweat beginning to trickle from temple.

A/C died last week and I elected to stay home for A/C tech guy. Wife and kids went to nearby hotel. It was just below 90 inside for the night time low and I slept on top of covers under a ceiling fan which helped a little but just a little. I took about six or seven cold showers during day and even wore a wet down T-Shirt - (no wolf whistles were heard, lol). Miserable hot but thats all fixed now, Thank God !!

Old NFO said...

And Texas... sigh

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Here in Colorado my sister still has bags of traction sand in her truck (more weight on the rear wheels) and my 'snow rake' won't go to the shed for another week or two.