Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Flood Stage

The National Weather Service has warned that the Red River near Alexandria, LA will reach flood stage this weekend.  Flood stage is at 33 feet.  The river is a little over 28 feet how.  They are expecting drenching downpours over the next couple of days.

The weather map looks lie this right now.  Sure as hell, it's going to ru right over us.  The continuing pattern of fairly dry during the week, and total apocalypse on the weekend is continuing.

As of right now, heavy rainfall is predicted for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


Old Grafton said...

Looks like a tough row to hoe coming. Here in northern Ohio we've had almost un-ending rain and everything is soggy but probably nothing like you've been having or have coming. Best wishes; hope all goes well for y'all!

Dave said...

That storm line dumped about 1.25" on my part of Brazos County, TX yesterday.

We've had flood warnings on the Navasota River for a few weeks now