Sunday, May 19, 2019

The No Name Club

The No Name Club is a local social club for men.  (Gasp!  Perpetuating the patriarchal hegemony!).  No,not really.  The club has been active for years, some say decades, and the activities are a lot of fun.  Once a month they meet, hold a dance, and spend a Sunday afternoon dancing and cooking  Yes, the ladies are invited, but they are catered to for the afternoon.  It's very pleasant, and the membership is limited, by invitation only.  Dues are reasonable, ad pay for the venue and the food that we consume.

Belle and I have attended a couple of times as a guest. but recently I was invited to join.  I jumped at the opportunity.  All of the men are divided into six teams, responsible for the cooking.  Each team cooks twice per year.  I'm on the cook team this month and again in six months.  Ain't no problem, I know our cook team leader.  He's a retired Sheriff's deputy and has the situation well in hand.  I"ll show p at the appointed time, and do what I'm told, and we'll serve on time.

Basically, we meet from 4:00 to 8:00 pm on Sunday afternoon, with dinner served at 6:00.  The club provides set-ups, beer and wine.  The ladies are catered to in the finest tradition of Southern hospitality.

The cook team is meeting at 1:00.  Belle will follow at 4:00.  We're looking forward to it.


Old NFO said...

Sounds like fun!

Dan said...

Sounds like you are about to enjoy some of the fruit of a life time of labor.
Enjoy, and good luck in the election.