Thursday, May 16, 2019

Revealing The Plan

It seems that both Senator Cory Booker ad Senator Kamala Harris, both Democratic hopefuls, are trying to out-do each other on control.  You can read the whole sorry scenario here.

Violating the Second Amendment does't seem to be a problem for the Democratic hopefuls.  Banning, legislating, and royal decree executive action seems to be the way they intend to to introduce common sense gun safety sweeping gun bans to the country.

They are revealing their plans in an effort to broaden support in the primary.  They are talking to the base, not the general electorate.  Plans like this may play well on the coasts, but in middle America, it is anathema.

I've been thinking about picking up another M4-style rifle.  It's America's Rifle, after all, and patriots would do well to prepare.  I really don't believe that either of these two will see the general election, but having another modern sporting rifle in the rack is never a bad idea.

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Steve said...

I've been thinking along the same lines......what caliber are you looking at?