Friday, May 31, 2019


I'm wandering the parish, talking to people and trying to get the word out.  My main message to the people is that there is a lot of money being spent in this race, and I don't have much money.  I've always deplored big money in politics, and don't really understand how someone can spend a hundred thousand dollars on a local race.  It doesn't make any sense unless it's an unrelenting quest for power.  I am not promising any single person anything.

However, I'm not so idealistic that I decline campaign contributions.  I simply insist on a couple of simple caveats.  I won't be bought, and the contributor can expect no favors.   I am happy to help people, but a contribution will not prevent me from fulfilling my vow to uphold the law.  Understanding that, if a person wishes to contribute, I am grateful.

You can mail a check to:
James Dezendorf
21 Barron Chapel Road
Pineville, LA  71360

I will log it and properly report it according to the law.  Any contribution in excess of what is allowed by law will be promptly returned.

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