Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Ralfy Revieews

If you want to know anything about Scotch Whiskey, go over to ralfy.com  He is a veteran reviewer of Scotch Whisky, and knowledgeable. 

Occasionally, he slips his traces and roars off into foreign territory, reviewing rums and bourbons.  Here he's reviewing Bourbon Deluxe, a blended bourbon whiskey marketed by Jim Beam.  We used to consider Bourbon Deluxe a bottom shelf whiskey, suitable for serving only to young lieutenants, and artillery officers.  Helicopter pilots would drink it as well, but those guys are liable to drink anything.

At any rate, have fun.  He compares it to Pappy Van Winkle.  But, he reviews two bottles, one bottled in the 1970s and one bottled recently.  It's a generational review.

Watching this guy is a lot of fun.

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Old NFO said...

He IS a character!