Wednesday, May 15, 2019

What Is Going To Power Them

I see that the Democrats are backing a bill to ban the use of gasoline powered cars by 2040.  Fat chance.  It will never get through the Senate.

But, what do they think will power cars?  Electricity?  Okay, fine.  What source of power is going to be used to generate that electricity?  Today, it's natural gas (35%), coal (27%), and nuclear (20%).

I knew  guy a while back who had an electric car.  I harassed him about using a coal powered car.  He got offended, but our local power plant used lignite to run the steam turbines.  So there.

IN the parts store today, doing a little politicking and laughing about the Democratic clown-car-show that they're putting on against Trump.  This bill is simply pandering to the far-left base.

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Jordan said...

They could probably care less about gas powered cars vs other. Its more likely just a step in eliminating private means of transportation. Get everyone using communal self driving cars, and/or mass transit, doubtless with .gov being able to track every time a person uses one of those methods. Personal cars that don't need to be plugged in and can be driven almost anywhere with no notice and no tracking makes it hard for them to keep an eye on their subjects...