Sunday, May 26, 2019

May Monthly Match

The Peacemakers shot their May monthly match yesterday at the Home Range.  Seven Shooters participated.  Seven shooter participated.  It was a 3X match, using the Nevada 8 format.  The Nevada 8 format limits individual bouts to eight shots.  Each bout will be decided in eight shots.  This moves the match along, and puts a premium on hitting the target.  The 3X format means that each shooter must lose three bouts to be eliminated.

We had six men and one woman, so we opted to let her shoot with the men.  Normally, men and women shoot in different divisions, but this particular match, we didn't have enough women for a stand-alone division, so she shot with the men.  Much to their woe.  She gave away a lot of Xs and was not eliminted until the later stages of the match.

Squirrel Girl, May Match.  She put a lot of men out of the match.
By the end of the 7th round, there were only two men left.  Brother Fred had two Xs and Cajun Greg was clean  with no Xs.  Cajun Greg had been shooting extremely well, hitting the target consistently, in the mid-5s.  But, the match wouldn't be over until one of them had lost three times, and Brother Fred wasn't done.  The score sheets tell the tale.  We put them on the line and the rangemaster  told them to "load and make ready".    Brother Fred won that bout, giving Cajun Greg his first X.  So, the rangemaster made them change lanes and we did it again.  Brother Fred prevailed again, Giving Greg his second X.  So, once again they changed lanes and got ready to gunfight.  In just a few minutes, it was over, with Brother Fred giving Cajun Greg his final X, and the match was over.  It as a masterful performance.

May Match Men.  1st Brother Fred - 2nd Cajun Greg - 3rd Major D.
It's in the record books now, and the shooting schedule of June is planned.  We'll practice on June 15th with the June Match scheduled for June 29th.

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Good shooting and good fun! What more can you ask? :-)