Tuesday, May 14, 2019

New Salt Generator

Many of you know that I use this blog, among other things, to document home improvement, and devices I use at the homestead so that when they go out, I can readily find what I'm looking for.

We have a pool and it uses a salt water system.   It's very friendly on chemicals.  Normally, I spend about $200 per year on salt and muriatic acid.  The pool tends to go basic, so I need the acid to balance ph, and the salt us used by the salt system to make chlorine.  Normally, this works great, but every five years or so, the salt generator dies, constituting the need for a replacement.

One day last week, I noticed that the salt generator wasn't working, so after some diagnosis, I decided that it had gone south.  We ordered a new one, and it came in today.  It's already installed, a simple matter if you have a strap wrench.

For the record, it's a Pentair Intellichlor IC40.  I have installed it, and we're going to let it run for 24 hours on the Shock setting.  Then I'll balance the ph and start vacuuming.

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