Friday, July 31, 2015


Milady and I went over to the local National Guard post this morning.  Got myself a new ID card, and got Milady one too.  Then stopped by to check on applying for my retired pay.  I had talked to the guy last week, and he had some questions, so I took my records and let him make copies.  My military career was complicated, it seems.  Even so, I've started the process. to do the paperwork to get money in my mailbox every month.  Hopefully, the Army will figure it out.

I feel better about that, it was one of the things I was putting off, because I initially didn't think I qualified for retired pay.  After talking with the guy last week and this morning, I feel better about it.  He's got copies of everything relevant and he said he's call me in a week or so if he (or his bosses) have any more questions.

Then, Milady and I went to the PX to try out her new ID card.  They never even asked us for an ID.  Evidently, old soldiers look like old soldiers.  I bought a bottle of whiskey to toast Friday afternoon with, later.


Old NFO said...

You earned it, you deserve it. And enjoy a sip of the good stuff! :-)

Sport Pilot said...

Concur with Old NFO, you earned it and deserve the pension.