Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tuesday Ramblings

Ran errands this morning, got a lot done.  Getting-ready stuff for the Odessa trip coming up.

It's hot out there.  Damned hot.  Accuweather says 91F with a heat index of 105.  That might be.  My back porch thermometer shows 95F in the shade.  With 50% humidity, that puts the heat index at 102, and we haven't reached the heat of the day.  I'll spend the afternoon indoors, checking my list for the trip.

I'm cooking tomorrow for Milady's work crew.  They get paid every-other Thursday, and like most of the pore-an-starvin', on the day before payday they're broke, so she has begun feeding the whole crew on the day before payday.  The menu tomorrow is smoked chicken and Ouida potatoes.  I'll get up in the morning, put those birds in the smoker, then piddle around the back yard.  About 10:00, put on the potatoes, then assemble the meal.  Delivery for 11:30.  Then, I'll come home and start packing for the trip in earnest.

We'll leave here when Milady gets off work.  We'll check the list, make sure everything is packed, and put several hours on the road before we find a hotel for the night.  It's a long way to Odessa (a little over nine hours) and Milady wants to get a jump on the road show.

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Melissa said...

Y'all are lovely about feeding anyone who needs a meal and you always have been. Thanks for your kindness. It makes the world a better place.