Wednesday, July 08, 2015

CFDA Match Cartridges

For CFDA sanctioned matches, the host provides the ammunition and we call them CFDA cartridges.   There are loading guidelines in the literature and they call for .45 Colt blank brass.   This is brass with a 0.140 primer flash hole.  I had some .45 Colt brass and decided to take a run at the CFDA cartridge.  I didn't have any blank brass, but I had regular .45 Colt brass and a 9/64 drill bit, which is a nominal 0.1395 on my calipers.  Close enough.  About a half-hour setting up the drill press and I had 20 pieces of brass modified.

The literature calls for 3.0 grains of Hodgden's Triple Se7en black powder substitute.  I took out my Lee dippers and a scale.  It turns out the the 0.3ccc dipper throws 3 grains of that powder.  So, after I primed the brass with CCI large pistol primers, all that was left to do was to measure the powder and seat the bullet.  The CFDA calls for the bullet to be seated 3/8ths below the case mouth, which I'm sure seats the bullet on the powder.

Now, I've got some ammo so that I can familiarize Zachary with the ammo he'll see in Odessa later this momth.  I may, as timeallows, modify some more of that brass with a larger flash hole so that I can keep a stock of CFDA cartridges when we're getting ready for a big match.  For an old-time handloader, this is easy stuff.

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