Wednesday, July 15, 2015

That's a Wrap

Elder son came over this morning and installed the Galvalume metal roof on the shade awning.  He's a sheet-metal guy, so I let him do his thing while I played helper for him. It's been my experience that if someone knows what he's doing, let him do it and grab whatever he tells you to grab.  In about two hours, we were done.

Nice clean lines, straight edges, sturdy and durable.  The uprights are 4X4 treated, the ceiling is 2X6 treated and the roof is 26 gauge ag panels.  Everything screwed together.  Nice and tight.

It might be susceptible to hurricane, but I don't believe that it will UV.  It won't be much protection against sideways, blowing rain, but it's not meant to be.  It's shade, and with any luck, it will be there for many years.  Thanks, son.


Anonymous said...

Nice, very nice. Now you need to put some shade cloth on that west side to block some of the sun. Oh and tiki torches; gotta have some tiki torches.

Old NFO said...

Steve beat me to it... :-)

Old Grafton said...

Just keep an eye peeled on those underside corners for the verdammt wasps which love 'em. Rotten SOB's.

Nice work.