Thursday, July 09, 2015

Thursday Tab Cleaning

This morning I ordered the metal for the shade awning.  I pick it up Monday.  Then we install it one afternoon next week.  By this time next week, that project will be finished. Then we'll start planning the next.

Regarding the CDFA match cartidges, Old NFO asks in comments:  
Interesting, I thought you just used primers..
Ninety percent of what we shoot is powered simply by a shotgun primer.  It's what we use for practice and club shoots, and there are some sanctioned shoots where primer-only loads are used.  However, we like spectators, and spectators like to see gunsmoke, so the Association came up with a load that has smoke.  Simply by using a large pistol primer to ignite a tiny charge of black powder substitute.  I first stumbled across these cartridges at the Texas State Championship in April.  Almost universally, it's Starline blank Brass which has a 0.140 flash hole.  The primer ignites a small charge of black powder substitute and the  wax bullet is seated 3/8ths below the mouth of the case.  When the cartridge ignites, it gives a puff of smoke.  In still wind conditions, that smoke tends to follow the bullet.

Spectators love it, and it makes for very nice pictures.  Like this:

That photo was taken at a major competition last month.  This particular photo is of the Annie Oakley category (youth, girls) and the ladies are shooting for the national title.

Oh, and for those of you who are wondering, I'm shooting from the right side when I get to Odessa.  Simply an equipment issue, my southpaw holster drags a litle.  When I get back from Odessa, I'll order a new southpaw holster, probably from Ken's Leathercraft.  Ken made my right-hand holster and I'm very pleased with it.

While I'm ordering, I'll order a right-hand black holster for Milady.  I have a black belt coming in from El Paso Saddlery in her waist size and she wants a Ken's holster to wear on the belt.  Then, she'll have a black rig when she wants to wear black boots.   We must be able to coordinate our accessories.

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Ed Jones said...

I bought my wife a brown leather concealment purse. She said that's nice where is the black one. You can't win.