Sunday, July 12, 2015

New World's Record Set

According to the various gunslinger forums, there was a new world record set this weekend at the Western Territorial in Genoa, NV.  Master Gunfighter (his CFDA alias) hit a new record of 0.295.

For the unitinitated, he was able to draw, cock, and fire a single-action revolver and hit a target at 21 feet in 0.295 of a second.However, under our rules, that isn't good enough.  Anticipation is an ongoing concern.  After the "SET" command, you're not allowed to move your revolver until the light illuminates.  So, if you set a world's record, you've got to "back it up" by another draw and hit within three-hundredths of a second.  The rules say this:
ANTICIPATION: The Competitor cannot move the gun in the holster after the shooting command “set” and before the start light comes on. Furthermore, any shot fired that is faster than the current World Record, must be backed up by 3 hundredths of a second before the round is over. If a competitor has not fired a shot within 3 hundredths of a second in the current round, an additional three attempts will be awarded. If the shot in question is not backed-up, then the shot will be considered “anticipated” and will result in a Procedural Penalty (PV), which is a Loss of Shot.
So, this is  big deal.  Really.  A new world record is always something to crow about.  Below, a photo of the other competitors congratulating him.

 Congratulations, Master Gunfighter.  May your record stand until it's beaten, which lots of folks would like to do.

If you'd like to try your own reaction time, I've found a neat little timer that you can use on your computer.  CLICK HERE and try your reaction time.  See if you can beat Master Gunfighter, then remember that he's not simply clicking a mouse.  He's drawing, cocking, firing, and hitting.  It's quite illuminating.

Congratulations, Master Gunfighter.


Old NFO said...

I averaged a 0.241 WAY too slow... And congrats to him!

Ryan said...

That is really fast. One could say the 21" circle of this competition is a pretty generous target at 7 meters but sub 3 seconds is still ridiculously fast.