Saturday, July 25, 2015

Odessa - Day 2

Today was the main match at the Southern Territorials.  Zach X'd out first, and I followed in the next round.  If you're at a major match, when you lose, you get an X.  After a certain number of Xs, you're out.  In this case it was four Xs.  However, the real pride of the day was my gal, Louisiana Calamity Jane. As soon as I had my fourth X, I found her and learned that she was still alive with two Xs.  Not fast, but consistent.  Before long, she was in the top 12, and was slated in a shoot-off to see which of the ladies got the 11th spot and who went home with the 12th.

The match director had told us earlier that whoever got 11th in main match, would get a "free ride" next year to the match.  So, Calamity stepped up on the line.  For the last shot, I quickly turned on my cell phone camera to capture the glory.

She won it!  A free ride to next year's Southern Territorials.  The entrance fees to this match are about $200 per shooter, so this isn't a small prize.

I'm so proud of my gal, I could just burst.


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Outstanding! :-) That is great news!