Saturday, March 03, 2012


T his morning, while I was sitting in a church seminar, the good people of Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio were digging out after violent tornadoes. If you've never lived through one of these things, count yourself lucky, for a tornado is the most violent, random, murderous thing that nature regularly throws at people.

What has always amazed me about tornadoes is the difference between safety and disaster. I once saw a school building that had been hit by a twister. The storm pulled the face from the building, but inside, the notes were sill posted on the bulletin board with thumbtacks. If you'd been standing in front of the building, you'd have been killed. If you were standing near the bulletin board, you'd have been fine. It's just that random.

If you don't have anything to pray for, pray for the people that survived, that they can find strength to recover and rebuild.

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