Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Gold Brick Eggs

There's a little candy company in New Orleans, Elmer's Chocolate and they make something called the Gold Brick Egg. Oh, it's good! Light, tasty, it's got pecans and some sort of whipped chocolate in the middle and it simply melts in your mouth.

My sisters tell me that it's hard to find Elmer's Chocolate outside of Louisiana, and frankly I never thought about it. It's Easter candy and I never look for Gold Brick eggs except during the Easter season. Milady loves Gold Brick Eggs and last week I brought some home and put them on the table. She noticed them and because Milady is a virtuous woman, she didn't dive head-first into them.

Last night, Milady asks me where the Gold Brick eggs went. I responded that it's been a whole weekend and almost all of the grandkids were over here, and where did she think they went?

"I told those kids to stay out of my Gold Brick Eggs!"

"Yeah", I retorted, "and that's always worked so well in the past."

Today after work, I went searching for Gold Brick Eggs. Not all the stores around here carry them, but after a diligent search, I managed to find some for her.

That's a box of 24, and I know that she's not going to eat all of them before the weekend. But, there will be a bunch of grandkids over here this weekend and if Milady doesn't hide her Gold Bricks, what do you think will happen to them?

Buying chocolate. It's part and parcel of being a PawPaw.

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Gerry N. said...

Trusting kids around chocolate is a fool's mission. I was a kid once and I know.