Saturday, March 24, 2012

Race Pimps and Hoodies

In case you have been living under a rock, the case of Trayvon Martin has spurred national interest. Trayvon Martin was killed in February in Florida following an altercation with a neighborhood watch captain in a Florida subdivision. The watch captain has claimed self-defense and has not been arrested. Trayvon Martin cannot tell us his side of the story, but the race pimps Jackson, Sharpton, and Farrakhan have all weighed in on the story.

The national news media is in full clamor, trumpeting any tiny, inconsequential movement on the story, keeping it at the forefront of our national consciousness. The police are investigating, but the elements of Florida law must be considered in any official deliberation. That's what police do. Bloggers are weighing in and after several days of watching this controversy, it's time for me to weigh in.

For me, the whole story looks like a tawdry tale of tragedy and sorrow. A seventeen year old kid is dead, a neighborhood watch captain will live a life of sorrow, and Sharpton, Jackson and Farrakhan will make money on this tragedy. That's what those three do, make money on tragedy.

I watched them during the Jena Six medial frenzy that roiled Milady's hometown. Both Sharpton and Jackson made appearances in Jena during that time. Reports from guys I personally know tell me that both Sharpton and Jackson used that tragedy as an excuse to raise funds and carrying armloads of cash out of the local area. The defense fund for the Jena Six was huge. They were later all convicted, as the media frenzy died down and the wheels of justice were allowed to turn. I note that the epicenter of the controversy, Michael Bell, has been in trouble ever since that episode with subsequent convictions.

Rivrdog weighs in with an essay on the effect of the hoodie in polite society. Appearances count in polite society. If you want to look like a thug, we're going to assume you are a thug. If you want to be seen as an upstanding member of society, dress like it.

I note that the District Attorney for Seminole Country has announced that a grand jury will meet on April 10, to review evidence in the case. This is the way the criminal justice system works. Police investigate, grand juries recommend, DAs prosecute, Courts deliberate. That's our system. The wheels of justice grind slowly, but they grind finely as well.

When Farrakhan, Sharpton and Jackson weigh in on a case, it's about money. Plain and simple. They are in it to make a dime, to further their financial security, and they make their money by inflaming racial tensions. Don't let Sharpton, Jackson, and crew color (pun intended) your views on the case. They're only in it to make a buck. That's the only reason they came to Jena and that's the only reason they're going to Florida.


Anonymous said...

You can see they are in it for money, I can see they are in it for the money, every conservative can see they are in it for the money.....why oh why CAN'T the left see that they are in it for the money!?!??
Does the left have selective sight? Are they thinking, "give money to them; and they will do good with it?"
Seeesh what a bunch of rubes. And Sharpton laughs all the way to his tailor for another suit!


Termite said...

First: to hell with Sharpton and his ilk.

However, I gotta say that when Zimmerman ignored the instructions of the dispatcher to "stay put", he put himself in a bad light. Then he made it worse by not just following, observing, and reporting via cell phone, he cornered Martin and challenged him.
Very bad judgement. Zimmerman was nither (a)a LEO, or (b) on his own property, or(c) coming to someone's rescue.
In my limited legal experience, Zimmerman is looking at a manslaughter charge, and probable conviction.

The Displaced Louisiana Guy said...

I generally don't publish stuff on my blog that deals with politics or current events, because that's not why i do it. That being said, i have been reading about this case with some interest. As is the nature with these things, evidence will continue to come out, and my perception of the situation may change next month, but dealing with just the information i have, these are my thoughts:

This is sad. A young man lost his life, and another man took it. From what i have read, the young man had no weapon, and had made no threatening moves. He was persued, and was shot for no reason.

Zimmerman claims self defense. Bullshit.

This is bad for 2nd amendment advocates. As a CCW permit holder myself, i feel that our reputation as a whole has been sullied. When one takes the responsibility of becoming a concealed carry permit holder, one must live up to that responsibility. Zimmerman had no evidence that a crime had been committed. He called in to the police. That is where his action should have ended. But he followed the young man. The young man kept trying to flee from what i'm sure he felt was some crazy man chasing him for no reason. Zimmerman pulled a firearm when there was no imminent danger. At this point, things are starting to get bad for the 2A crowd. Zimmerman shoots and kills the 17 year old. Things are getting worse for the 2A crowd. Instead of admitting his grevious error in judgement, zimmerman hides behind a self defense claim. Coward! Worthless coward! Admit your bad judgement. Do your time. Behave as a man should.

Instead, he has given the media one more instance of poor judgement, and has given responsible gun owners a bad name. It sickens me that he was carrying legally, because he has made the rest of us look so damn bad.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow to hear what you have to say, pawpaw. You may have information that will change my opinion, but this is what i observe, based on the information i have on the whole affair.

This is truly a sad event.