Friday, March 09, 2012

The Course

I've been doing some reloading recently, for myself and family. It seems that my immediate family has decided that now is the time to take the course for their concealed carry permits. It started with my daughter-in-law who decided to get qualified for her concealed carry permit. Then Milady said she'd take the course with her, then elder and second son decided to take the course with the ladies. Then their wives decided to not miss out on the fun. An ex-brother-in-law decided to pull the pin on his permit, so we all made the phone call and signed up the crew for the course that happens next weekend at the Alexandria Indoor Range.

I don't know how many students the range normally has for the course, but by my count there are seven people in that course who normally eat Sunday lunch at my house. Immediately after they registered for the course (and paid their money), they started wondering who would keep the grandkids that Saturday. I am a PawPaw, after all and I'll lay in a stock of bologna and sandwich fixings. The kids and I will play here at the house while the family goes through the course.

I'll twist younger son's arm to assist in providing adult supervision for the younger set. He and I are both permit holders under LEOSA.

Just doing my part to protect and defend the Second Amendment. I'm proud of my crew. Whether or not they actually get the permit, I'm happy that they're willing to go get formal training. Very pleased indeed.

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Old NFO said...

That has to be a first, SEVEN in the same family at the same time??? :-)