Monday, March 05, 2012


One of the last households in the subdivision, I cranked the lawnmower for the first time today and cut what passes for grass in the backyard. March 5th, and I'm cutting grass. Thistles, mainly, with a smattering of weeds, dandelions, and other trash grass. I also got out the Round-Up and hammered the driveways, walkways, pathways, and the gravel beds. I intend to get a jump on the weeds this year and a good healthy dose of week killer should make them feel decidedly unwelcome.


Melissa said...

I noticed the pecans haven't leafed out yet. Keeping the inevitable pre-Easter cold snap in mind! I remember it flurried after similar weather on Easter 07.

Gerry N. said...

Between snow showers yesterday (Damn that Globular Wurmening)I went out back with my trusty old US of A Gummint Surplus (1958) Machete made by Collins and hacked the English Ivy off of several of the trees marking the bounds of my turf. Theh I dosed the parts remaining very carefully with Round-Up. Gotta love that stuff, a man can nearly hear the ivy screaming in pain. I treat the bindweed and blackberry vines pretty much the same, hack 'em off, pull 'em out of the jungle, and burn 'em, then Round-up whatever stays in the ground. Landscaping made easy. The problem with the dang-busted blackberry canes is if any green cane bits land on the ground, they'll take root and grow. But, over the coming Spring, I'll be out there spraying Round-up on any leaves that A: I don't like. B: Are showing any sign of life. I dislike pretty much "Organic" anything, I want to use industrial waste based toxins, the deadlier, the better. If you don't have six headed fanged nightcrawlers, and slugs with heads on both ends, you're doing it wrong.