Friday, March 16, 2012


Some sonofabitch sent me a virus, a Security Alert virus that screwed my system. This thing is akin to the Mafia. "Nice little computer you have here, hope nothing bad happens to it. Send us money and we'll keep it safe." I downloaded some files from Microsoft that my tech at work recommended and I'm letting them do their work.

I'd like to find the sonofabitch who writes viruses and hang him by his testicles from the light pole outside. With a sign on his chest that says Virus Writer. Folks who had been similarly infected would be invited to come over and stick knives in him, take shots at him, or simply beat him with a baseball bat. To encourage the others. I don't believe that there is a jury in the world that would convict me. Jury nullification is a wonderful thing.

I've got the computer working, and several things going on. The Sunday Dawg will be posted, if I have to post it from another computer.

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Termite said...


I can highly recommend Malwarebytes:

They have a free program that works well. I have it installed on all of my computers.