Thursday, March 15, 2012

It's About the Kids!

Coutesy of the Louisiana Hayride, we get this endearing clip from one of our teachers who is protesting in Baton Rouge. Yeah, they're still rallying for the second day, letting the kids slide while they try to keep their perks, their tenure, their jobs. Still, let's listen to her call the governor "retarded".

Milady spent 30 years working with developmentally challenged people and she would probably object to the term "retarded". This teacher's rant simply shows the level to which the unions have sunk. Her arguments are laughable, and the kids languish while she's on the steps of the capitol.

Let's get amother viewpoint, from a guy who says that he has a Masters Degree plus 30 hours (Masters +30). He believes that the teachers should start a newspaper.

This guy is complaining about "dumbing-down" education and he can't even string together a cogent sentence. This is one of the guys teaching our kids?

C'mon, Louisiana educators. After watching these two bozos, I'm ready to fire the whole lot of you and start over. You've got to be able to do better than this.

From the Hayride:
It was quite a day at the Capitol, as hordes of teachers were unleashed by their unions for a “professional development day.” A professional development day is one in which teachers screw kids who are supposed to be preparing for the standardized tests they will take next week so they can act like jackasses protesting Gov. Jindal’s K-12 education reform package.

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Old NFO said...

Fire em all and start over... sigh