Saturday, March 10, 2012

Chu's Hypocrisy

Our guy Chu, the Energy Secretary, is an interesting sort. A scientist, he was the director of Lawrence Berkeley National Labs, and like most academics, what he espouses is not what he practices. We all remember Chu as the guy who wants to raise gas prices.
“Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe,” and said he supported gradually increasing gasoline taxes over 15 years to coax consumers into buying more efficient cars.
That quote is from 2008, and it is telling because he wasn't in the hot seat then. Still, if buying more efficient cars is a good idea, what does Chu drive? Well, he testified recently that he doesn't own a car. Maybe not, and if testifying under oath, he couldn't be indicted for perjury, but his wife owns a car. A BMW. A sporty little BMW that gets 21 mpg. A real gas guzzler. Chu himself, as a government official, doesn't have to buy gas. We buy it for him as he's ferried around in a big black SUV, likely an Escalade.

That's what we expect from our government officials, hypocrisy. If Chu wants us to buy Chevy Volts, why isn't his wife driving one? If it's good for us, why isn't it good for him? Better yet, why isn't Chu taking public transportation to work every morning? Walking, riding a bike?

It calls to mind the old law enforcement joke: What's the difference between a porcupine and a BMW? With a porcupine, the pricks are on the outside.


Rich Jordan said...

Chu isn't the only one; then Senator Obama drove a Chrysler 300C Hemi sedan until he got into the presidential race. My recollection is that he switched to a Toyota Prius (but I'm not absolutely certain of that).

I'm a Chrysler fan and I like the 300s; its actually a little sad to me that he picked one when he was free to follow his own desires rather than play to the PC green envirowhacko crowd. But its definitely more of the 'do as I say' hypocrisy so dominant on the left.

Old NFO said...

He's got a driver and a Yukon to get him to and from... sigh

Rivrdog said...

Last time I drove a Chrysler 300, it was from Wendover UT to Portland OR, a distance which I covered in 11 1/2 hours (over 1,000 miles). The year was 1973, and I had just gotten out of the USAF in MA and was headed for PDX to enter the Police Academy, but the old motor home I was driving West crapped out in Wendover. I took a bus back to Salt Lake, rented the Chrysler (REAL Hemi in them then, 383 I think, good Michelin radial tires), drove back to Wendover, unloaded all my guns from the motor home, and as much of my personal gear as I could manage to stuff in the Chrysler, and put my foot in it. Drove on glare ice for the first two hours, kept it down to 60, but when the sun came up, the ice went away, and I opened up the Chrysler and drove at 120 mph (no speed limit in NV then) on the Interstate to Dimmit, then on Oregon byways at 70-90 mph to The Dalles, then at 70 (strict enforcement in OR on the freeway, then and now) to Portland.

At no point did the big Chrysler even breathe hard. I got 12-14 mpg on the trip, but since I had to report to the Academy the day after getting to Portland, I needed the speed.

Mopar ruled the highways then. I doubt I could make that trip even 2 hours slower in any of their offerings today.