Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I see that director Lee Daniels has tapped Hanoi Jane to play the part of Nancy Reagan in an upcoming movie. That's a shame, a dirty-dog shame. I haven't watched anything that Treasonous Bitch has done since 1972. I'm still surprised that she hasn't been tried and convicted. There's always hope, though. I don't believe that treason has a time limitation.

Oh, well, another movie I'll never see.


Anonymous said...

you ever see/read Flight of the Intruder? At movie time if it was one of her movies the Squadron commander would ask if she was still alive, when told yes he would cancel the movie and storm out.

I won't watch her movies.


Bob@thenest said...

I'm not at all surprised she wasn't tried, but I am surprised she hasn't been shot.

Rivrdog said...

The point here is that a movie about what a butler saw in his tour in the White House wouldn't sell one bar of soap, and the producer has probably realized this and had to fake up some controversy to stimulate interest in this nothing film.