Sunday, March 11, 2012

Getting Ready

My family is practicing, getting ready for the concealed weapons course next Saturday. I took Milady to the range yesterday to familiarize her with the range, the etiquette and the course of fire. She did well with the Airweight and that's the revolver she'll use to complete the firing portion of the class.

She talked with the instructor and he told her what to expect. When the family gathered for the noon meal today, she passed along all the good intel so that the rest of the clan can be prepared. Simple things, like good eye protection, hearing protection, the course of fire and the rules concerning loaded firearms in the range building.

The rest of the family has been practicing as well, at the informal range behind my son's house.

Here's one of the ladies in recoil with her preferred hogleg.

And another of the ladies practicing her close order drills.

They're all going to do fine. The course is more about the law and the ethics and basic safety, rather than fine shooting skills. Like all gunnies, they'll have to maintain their skills and I suspect that my reloading bench will be getting a workout. I'm proud of my crew and happy to support their interest.

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Melissa said...

We definitely appreciate the support! I'm excited...