Thursday, March 01, 2012


My boy, my youngest son, is in the police academy. In Louisiana, you have to be a member of a force before you go to the academy, and as it turns out hes working in the same office from which I retired. His academy is in Baton Rouge and it's one of the tougher ones in the state. There is a lot expected from those youngsters and he's going through a crucible, learning what it takes to be a cop.

Young officers have asked me why the academy is so tough on young recruits and the answer is simple. Liability. If you're going to break and do something stupid, we want you to break in the academy, not out on the street where someone might get hurt. They're going to abuse the recruits, try to hit every button, try to make them screaming, snot-slinging angry. Then, see how they handle it. If they can't handle it, then the academy is the place to find out. Not on the street where your sergeant is still five minutes away. The academy is supposed to be tough, and those that aren't tough are doing themselves, and their recruits, a disservice.

Anyway, my boy is in week one, and he could probably use a little encouragement. Click on the link above and tell him that you're rooting for him. While you're at it, his wife is a blogger also. She's missing him, so go over and give her some encouragement. Week One is just about over, they've got eleven left to finish.

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Been there, advised him.