Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Gun Case

If you're like me, you are always looking for quality gear, and you're always looking to save a dollar. I've found a couple of gun cases that might suit your style.

A couple of years ago I needed a case for my AR15 and I ordered one from Midway USA. Midway bills it as a Tactical Rifle Case, and I'm smart enough to know what tactical means. But, they had the case on sale and I ordered one to see how it was made. For the AR15 I ordered the 42 inch case and it fit the rifle really well. What I like about the case is that the four velcro pockets hold magazines perfectly and the two additional pockets are good for oil, rags, a front sight tool and other accouterments. What I really liked about the bag was that over the course of two or three years, that bag did everything I wanted it to do, and never showed wear, never malfunctioned, always a quality piece of gear at a really exceptional price.

Last month, they had the bag on sale for $19.95 and I ordered a 46" length to see if my hunting rifle would fit in the bag. I ordered it in olive drab as a change of pace.

I'm inpressed. The quality is excellent with thick padding for the rifle. The zippers run easily and the velcro seems to be top quality. Best of all, a standard hunting rifle fits in the case.

That's my ugly rifle, a standard Savage 11 FNS with a 22" barrel. It fits, with enough room to zipper it in easily. It could be used in a pinch as a drag bag, with the straps that come attached to the bag. The best part about this bag is the quality, and the low price is a bonus. Midway puts these things on sale fairly regularly, so put one in your wish list and when it goes on sale you'll get an email. You do have an account with Midway, don't you?

I see that Midway has their Pro Series cases on sale. If I needed something like that, now would be the time to buy it.


Anonymous said...

PawPaw, Midway list about 20 tactical gun cases. Who makes the one you have? Many thanks.

Pawpaw said...

Anonymous. Those blue letters are links that will take you directly to the product page. I have no idea who makes it.

Old NFO said...

Good idea Paw, Midway DOES do good stuff cheaply on occasion!