Sunday, July 10, 2011

LIght bulb wars

Have y'all been paying attention to this? It seems that in 2007, the Democrats passed a law that's going to effectively ban the incandescent light bulb from sale in the United States. Really. There is a bill currently pending in the House that would repeal this nonsense.

Evidently our Energy Secretary doesn't believe that Americans should have a choice. He came out swinging this week, saying
Mr. Chu said the more-efficient bulbs required would save consumers money over the life of the product, even if the up-front price is higher. "We are taking away a choice that continues to let people waste their own money," he said.
Mr. Chu thinks that it's the governments business if people waste their own money. I don't think it's any of the governments business what I do with my money. Actually, I think that employing Mr. Chu, indeed the entire Department of Energy is a waste of money.

As I recall, the Department of Energy was begun under the administration of Jimmuh Carter, who couldn't figure out what to do about high gas prices. If Speaker Boehner wants to cut the budget, he should start by defunding the 26+billion that the DOE sucks out of the economy each year.

Mr. Chu wants to take away my choices. Indeed!


Termite said...

The 100 watt bulbs are slotted to be phased out from general sales this January. Then 75 watt the next year, then 60 watts the following year.

I'm stocking up on 100 watt bulbs this fall.

J said...

The problem I see with eliminating incandescent bulbs is the fact that fluorescent generate far more UV light than incadescent bulbs. Goodbye drapes and so long paper stuff in frames. Better store grandpa's picture in a closet. Hey, I learned some stuff in my muselogy class!

Anonymous said...

"Mr. Chu thinks that it's the governments business if people waste their own money." Actually, he and most of the rest of the .Gov and bureaucracy think it's the government's money and we need their direction and permission to spend what they let us keep.

Andy Ford

Old NFO said...

It's MY business what I spend my money on, not his... stocking up over here boss!