Sunday, July 03, 2011

July 3, 1863

By this time in the afternoon, Pete Longstreet watched Pickett's pale Virginians go in, the high water mark of the Army of Northern Virginia. The war's not over yet by a long shot, and the butcher's bill will continue to be paid. Tomorrow, Lee will begin his retreat from Pennsylvania and rain will begin to fall.

Down south, times are grim for the citizens of Vicksburg and tomorrow the city will surrender to Grant. I have heard that after the siege of Vicksburg, rain began to fall.

For tomorrow I intend to mow my lawn, break from the heat of the day, then go watch a small town fireworks display in Pollock, LA. There is no rain in our immediate forecast, but we're not expending nearly the gunpowder, of Lee, Meade, and Grant.

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Old NFO said...

More good history, thanks!