Thursday, July 14, 2011

Boehner Balks

And rightfully so. It seems that our President wanted to continue the talks this weekend at Camp David, trying to get some kind of fiscal relief. Boehner balked, and rightfully so.

The President doesn't need to go to Camp David. Trips cost money, and he doesn't have any money. He's got a vacation planned in August and he needs to cancel that trip too. The country is broke, and by default, he's broke. If the Treasury is too broke to write Social Security checks, the country is to broke to send the President on yet another vacation.

I've been looking at the President's budget online, and I could trim a trillion or so in just a couple of hours. He wouldn't like it much, because some of this pet projects like high-speed rail and green energy would find the funding gone. Oh, and both DOE departments. That's Energy and Education. I'd cull them too.

With the Dept of Energy, I can only find one good excuse for them to exist, and that's maintaining our nations nukes. I'd fold that division into DOD, and tell the rest of those guys to take a hike.

The Dept of Education would be two part-timers in OMB. They could write the checks that return revenue to the states. Let's see... 50 checks. Yeah, two guys would be able to handle that in a day, two days tops. I'd call a temp agency for that job.

Moving on to Homeland Security, the BATFE would come in for a large overhaul. Those not indicted over Fast and Furious would be transferred to Bureau of Prisons. That should encourage other govt employees to not play fast-and-loose with the nation's laws.

The First Lady's office? What is that? We don't need it. If we ever elect a bachelor President, are they going to hire a first lady? I don't think so. That office is simply exorbitant, and if we're talking about cutting Social Security, the first thing that should go is exorbitant expenditures. She doesn't need a budget.

You don't want me to get into Health and Human Resources, Commerce, or any of those other lesser agencies.

That's the way you cut a budget, Mr. President.

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Old NFO said...

Dump DOE, bring back the AEC, at least THEY knew what they were doing with nukes...