Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Sky Is Falling

Our President ratcheted up the hype today, telling Americans that he can't be sure that Social Security check will go out on August 3d if Congress doesn't agree to let him borrow more money. Really.
President Obama on Tuesday said he cannot guarantee that retirees will receive their Social Security checks August 3 if Democrats and Republicans in Washington do not reach an agreement on reducing the deficit in the coming weeks.
He's like a kid who can't live within a budget and comes asking for more money after he's squandered his allowance. The argument at this stage isn't about how much he can spend, it's about how much he can borrow. Frankly, I'm tired of him spending money he doesn't have, which means I'm tired of him spending money he has to borrow, which means I'm tired of him spending.

Live within your budget, dumbass. That's what every household in the United States has to do, and what got us in this mess in the first place. People borrowing more money than they could afford to repay. When times get really tough, Americans sell things that they don't really need. I bet that we could abolish the BATFE and save a couple of billion. We could get rid of the Department of Energy and save several hundred billion.

What I'd really like to see is a law that if the US doesn't have a budget by July 1st of every year, no elected official at the Federal Level would be eligible to stand for election for ten years. None of them. Not the President, not the Congress, none of them.

The United States doesn't need to borrow any more money. It needs to live within its means.


Anonymous said...

This is the best idea I have heard in a long time.
Do you think obama realizes he just told us all that the SS fund is empty and to send the checks he must borrow the money?


Old NFO said...

And they don't get PAID for the rest of the year either...