Tuesday, July 19, 2011

On Blogging

There's a meme going on that blogs are fading, especially the conservative blogs. It's all about traffic and hits and sharing ideas.
Most bloggers on the right side of the blogosphere haven’t increased their traffic significantly in years. Moreover, the right side of the blogosphere as a whole is definitely shrinking in numbers as bloggers that have had trouble getting traction are quitting and fewer and fewer bloggers are starting up new blogs.
Gloom and doom.

Except that most of us simply don't care. I do this to amuse myself. I'm not trying to make money, and I can't remember the last time I had more than 500 hits in a day. This little hobby blog isn't "monetized", nor does it generate revenue. It simply is; the ramblings of one grandfather in a small town in Central Louisiana.

I enjoy the comments made on some of my postings, and I've never deleted a comment unless it crossed the lines of decency or was obviously spam. I enjoy a good discussion, a divergence of opinion, but if a commenter crosses the line, I'll whack that comment without second-thought or remorse. This is my house and if you can't behave yourself, you'll be ejected.

But for the most part, the gloom and doom about the decline of the right-wing blogs don't bother me one bit. I didn't start these pitiful scribbling for any reason but my own, and it matches my temperament precisely. Am I concerned that my message isn't getting out? Hell, no. I do this to amuse me and to entertain those I love. I mean, c'mon. The most regular feature I have here is something called The Sunday Morning Dawg. Does that sound like serious journalism to you?

Yet I get a small readership, folks making comments, and once in a while someone will walk up to me on the street and ask me if I'm PawPaw. That's cool when it happens, but not something I live for.


Stephen said...

I understand completely. I write mine for my grandchildren. Maybe when I've passed on they'll have a few words from their Papa to remember me.

Zilla said...

I am delighted that I found your blog through that mean little post at RWN. Hawkins has it all wrong. The right-blogs ain't going anywhere but up, baby! You've got a great lil blog here and also, I thank you for your service to America.

Flintlock Tom said...

I come here for the "down home" conservative common sense. The unabashed love and respect for family and community.
When I see a comment by PawPaw on some other gun forum I stop and pay attention.
I don't comment often, but I truly appreciate your presence here.

Thank you,
Flintlock Tom

Old NFO said...

Paw, screw em... I write for basically the same reason... Keep on writing and I'll keep on reading :-)

Oldlurker said...

Altho I didn't properly introduce myself at the time, I'm one of those that's walked up to you on your day job & said - "You must be Paw Paw, you're my first click of the day." There's times when I'm a bit left of your opinion, but there's just as many times when I think "whoa, that just makes damfine good sense." Any road, different opinions is what makes the world work. Keep writing, I'll keep reading. And as I said at the time - there's a bunch of folks out there that really appreciate what you and your cohorts do during that day job!

Anonymous said...

You keep writing, I will keep reading. Why? Because I simply enjoy reading your blog. No other reason needed!