Monday, July 25, 2011

Woman bites Dog

That's not the headline, but it plays on the old newspaper anecdote. It seems that a thug tried to grab a woman's purse and she broke his leg.
That’s when O’Brien says she drew on her 3.5 years of kick-box training, leveling a kick at the suspect’s shin, shattering it in two places.

Officers say they found Matthews, screaming in pain, lying on the street.
Did I mention that she is pregnant? She's been checked at the hospital and she and the baby are fine. I don't care how her assailant is doing. Just really don't care.

Good work, Ms. O'Brien.


Anonymous said...

Wished she would of got a second kick to the groin area. Maybe the police should of took her to where they found him (to id him) and gave her that chance to right her "mistake".

Old NFO said...

Love it! :-) Good for her!!!

Anonymous said...

I read one account in which the robber broke her wrist before she leveled him.....
Wonder if that is correct....sounds like self defense now don't it!??!?!
I bet you won't be able to find anything to suggest that....the MSM will only play the fact that she nailed him....kinda like a vigilante type thing


Dog birthday favors said...

I would like to know if she's okay!