Friday, July 22, 2011

The Senate Vote

I understand this morning that the Senate voted on Cut, Cap, and Balance, the House bill that showed broad bipartisan support in ending our budget nightmare. The Senate, predictably voted it down.
The vote Friday was 51-46. The tea party-backed measure had been widely expected to fail in the Democratic-controlled Senate.
I also understand that 20 Democratic Senators have previously said that they'd support a balanced budget amendment. 47 Repbulican Senators + 20 Democratic Senators = 67 American Senators, easily enough to vote the measure to approval.
In anticipation of this weekend's vote, The Club for Growth has posted a video showing 20 current Democratic Senators saying they support a balanced budget amendment.
So, with 20 Democratic Senators supporting a Balanced Budget Amendment, and the measure failing in the Senate, I'm left to wonder who lied to the American people? The Republicans, or the Democrats? It is really that simple.

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