Thursday, November 04, 2010

Oleg Volk

If you've never heard of Oleg Volk, he's a photographer and advertsing director for the gun industry.  He also hosts The High Road forum, a place where I hang out a lot, as PawPaw.  Oleg also does posters that promote the 2nd Amendment and previews them at his forum for our comments.  Yesterday he posted this one, and I really like the looks of it.

He did this one for the Appleseed organization, which teaches rifle skills to just about anyone who shows up.  Once you get past the obviously attractive young lady, you might notice that the AR she's holding has wooden furniture.  Damn!  I like that.  I've got an A2 version like the lady is holding and I might have to try to acquire a set in the future.  Oleg posted a link, but it seems to be broken.

If you haven't been over to Oleg's forum, click on the link above, while I surf around, looking for wood stocks for the AR rifle.


Anonymous said...

SARCO used to have wooden furniture for ARs.
They advertise in Shotgun News.

Joe said...

These are the absolute highest quality AR woodstocks available in the market!
Dan Konrad is a perfectionist, and does some of the most beautiful woodwork you will ever see.

Contact him at for more info.

or, visit his website:

** Hero-Gear ( is also offering high-end, collector quality AR rifles with AAA grade stocks from Konrad.
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Rich Jordan said...

I saw a Rock River once at a gun show; that company makes some as well.


Anonymous said...

Brownells has both walnut and laminate stock set for the AR-15.

Flintlock Tom said...

You could also try here:
The "High Grade" looks amazing.