Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More TSA Nonsense

A couple of days ago I posted an entry about how invasive the TSA has become over the searches prior to entering a commercial airliner. I'm not the only one who has noticed.
Without regard for threat potential, airline passengers of all ages can now be forced to make the choice between baring their nakedness before a federal agent, or getting a full-body fingertip groping by another federal agent. The advanced imaging technology (AIT) scanners — AKA strip-search machines — now stand watch in more than 65 airports nationwide, with their numbers set to grow by more than 40 percent at year’s end, thanks to your federal stimulus dollars.
And it seems as if the flight crews themselves are rebelling.
The procedure is so humiliating and so invasive that even flight crews are rebelling. The 11,000-member American Pilots’ Association just received a letter from its leader decrying the humiliation, radiation danger, and ineffectiveness at deterring terrorism of this strip-and-grope regimen.
It's time to de-fund the TSA. They're over-reaching their mandate, and until whatshername brings them into line, Congress should pull the plug on funding them.


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Old NFO said...

And we have YET to find out exactly how much radiation they are using... I'm opting out, so I guess I'll have to put up with the groping when I fly.

JimB said...

If everyone would just take one week off from flying ths crap would stop... They can force you to be searched but they can't force you to fly.

Peripatetic Engineer said...

I travel weekly to Houston. For the past two weeks the virtual strip search machines have not been operational on Friday afternoon.

It is my intent to "opt out" if they try to put me in one. I will report as to the outcome.