Monday, November 01, 2010

Election Day

Tomorrow is Election Day and school is out, so PawPaw and the grandkids will be together.  In the woods.  We're going to take a .410 shotgun and go harass some squirrels.  It's high time that the kids got to go squirrel hunting and they're exited at the prospect.  As am I.

My .410 is a little H&R Topper and it's perfect for young boys.  They're not quite big enough for the 20 gauge and the .410 won't give them too much recoil.  There are lots of squirrels killed every year with a .410 shogun and when they're ready to step up to the 20 gauge, they'll let me know.

We'll be in the thick woods, a hardwood bottom along a dry creek bed.  Leastwise, it was a dry creek bed this weekend.  It's supposed to rain all night and most of tomorrow, so there's no telling what we'll find when we get to the creek. 

If we can kill a mess of squirrels, Milady will make some game and gravy next week when the boys come over for supper.  That'll suit me just fine.

I'm wondering if I should carry my Winchester 94?  This rain is going to change all the patterns in the woods and ole Mossy Horn might step out on us tomorrow.

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Rivrdog said...

Naw, load up your 870 with one #4 in the pipe and several 00B back. If you are beset by Old Mossy, just shuck that squirrel load and bear down with the buckshot.