Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Morning Dawg

The Dawg is more mutt than most people would imagine.  Milady likes to root plants, by the simple expedient of sticking clippings in a vase full of water.  We've got a couple of vases under the hose bib in the back yard.  The water turns a dull brown, sort of a tea of the clippings and the bacteria that grows in open water in warm Louisiana.

The dog loves it.  He'd rather drink from a vase full of brown water than from his own water bowl. 

He also adores mud puddles, but with the drought we've been through, there are very few mud puddles for the dog to slake a thirst. 

I'm one of those guys who likes a good glass of iced tea, so I'm not one to criticize the dog for his taste in tea.  If he likes it, I'll try to keep the vases full.

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