Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Morning

This weekend my high school hosts it's annual debate tournament, where brainy students from a dozen high schools will descend on us this afternoon to argue about topics both weighty and trivial.  They'll argue until midnight, then begin again early Saturday morning.  Judges from all over the area will come and listen and annotate score sheets and late Saturday afternoon, someone will be declared a winner in one of a dozen categories.

I"ll be there.  Not because I expect any trouble, but because it's my job to be there.   So, in about fifteen minutes I"ll pull on my boots, strap on my duty gear and go to the school.  Don't expect any blogging until after the event.  I"ll see y'all when it's over.


mostly cajun said...

Yeah, you need to watch out for all those debate groupies...


Anonymous said...

A debate story from my high school years, 1960-62. One of the debaters on the team at the time used to hang out with the same crowd of ne'er do wells as I did. He won several medals and got so condescending and sarcastic toward the rest of us neanderthals he became insufferable. Until one day after school a bunch of us were sucking up cherry cokes at a local drive in and the debater got snotty with a girl, making her cry. Her boy friend flattened The Debater's uppity nose. After that he minded his manners.

There are few things as effective as a bloody nose and two black eyes in maintaining a general air of civility.

Gerry N.