Monday, November 08, 2010

Air Travel

I remember when flying on with an airline was fun. Elegant. A wonderful experience. Then came 9/11 and air travel changed forever.

The last time I flew on an airline, I was going to see my newest grandson and flew to St. Augustine, FL in 2008. In one airport I saw a sign cautioning flyers to not spit on the TSA employees. I thought that sign was odd, until after I had been through their tender ministrations. I was amazed that they weren't drowned in spit daily.

Now it seems, they're stepping it up again, prying into places that no one, certainly not free citizens should be pried into.

HAVING been taught by nuns in grade school and later going through military boot camp, I have always disliked uniformed authorities shouting at me. So I was unhappy last week when some security screeners at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago started yelling.
“Opt out! We got an opt out!” one bellowed about me in a tone that people in my desert neighborhood in Tucson usually reserve for declaring, “Rattlesnake!”
 I've got no use for the TSA, and as a result, I refuse to fly commercial.  If I can drive there, I do so. I don't like being herded like a cow in a squeeze chute, and I don't like their overbearing attitude.  This is one agency that our new Republican congress needs to disband entirely.

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Anonymous said...

This is why I dearly love general aviation. No metal detectors, no pat downs, just load up the plane, file your flight plan, and go.