Thursday, November 11, 2010

Haircut for the Dawg

You've all seen pictures of my shaggy mutt. Over the past few months I've been snapping pics for the Sunday Dawg, and the dog has gotten progressively shaggier. You probably remember this pic from last week.

 That's him in all his shaggy glory.  He looks like he should be pan-handling down on the corner.  Or playing lead for ZZ Top.

Today, Milady dropped him off at the groomer and I picked him up a few minutes ago.  The transformation is dramatic.

I'd say that's a little better.  He's still got a beard, but he looks a lot more comfortable.  He also looks like he's lost about 20 pounds.


Old NFO said...

Dang, there IS a dog under all that hair... :-)

Anonymous said...

Patty says "Beau looks like his cousins. Isn't it amazing how small they are when all the hair is gone. Only problem - when it got cold last week Gracie/Beluga had to wear their sweaters. Gracie looked great but Beluga "jacked" her's up within seconds. Her tummy pushed it up and somehow she twisted it so she was walking "peg-leg" like.