Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Mule

I've never owned a 4-wheeler ATV, nor even a 3-wheeler when they were popular.  Several years ago I was looking at the (then) new side-by-side ATVs and I took Milady to look at some I was thinking about.  She immediately opted for the large version with the back seat, on the simple idea that I'd be hauling grandkids and it would be safer for them if they were buckled in to a seat.  That made sense to me, so I bought the big one.

It's a constant companion now when I"m in the woods.  I still get out and take my walks, but it sure is convenient to use the mule when exercise or stealth isn't the objective.  The Mule works great for when I'm hauling things or people and I've learned that it has uses beyond the game woods.  I use it for law-enforcement tasks, like high school football games, or homecoming parades. Anything that calls for a lot of walking, and where it might benefit me to have motorized slow-speed transportation.

That's a picture of PawPaw as seen though the legs of the corn feeder.  I found that this morning when I checked the SD card in the game camera.  This was taken last Saturday, at about noon.

Here's another, of me and my crew as we were passing the camera on the way to the creek bottom early this morning to look for squirrels.  No, we didn't get any squirrels, but I answered a lot of questions about how a creek can fell a tree, and how erosion works, and where do gravel beds come from.  We played with a hand-held GPS and we talked about land navigation, and we had a wonderful time.

All this would be possible without the Mule, but it would be a lot more work.

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Anonymous said...

Patty says "you forgot about how much the extended family - great grandchildren, nieces, nephews, sister, etc. love to play on the mule and race around Deville.