Friday, November 05, 2010

Football, Week 10

This is the 10th week of football under the LSHAA (Louisiana High School Athletic Association) schedule. Next week the schools with the highest power ratings get their schedule for the playoffs and the round of playoffs commence. My school won't be tapped for the playoffs, so tonight is the last home game for the year. Thank God.

We start basketball toward the end of November, and I'll be totally engaged when that happens, but between now and then I have a few weeks to kick back. That's not totally true, because there are other events at the high school that demand my attention.

The weather tonight will be cold by Louisiana standards. We're expecting the temps to be in the upper 40s by game time, with a light north breeze. Everybody in the bleachers will claim that they're frozen and the crowd will be sparse. For myself, I intend to put on my long-woolies because these polyester uniform pants do nothing to block the wind. They're great for hot weather, but for cold weather, not so much.

I'll be in my deer stand at daylight.


Anonymous said...

Hope you get a nice deer tomorrow.

Old NFO said...

Enjoy and shoot em good!